Sunday, June 22, 2008

You guys have been holding out on me.

First of all, I apologize for being all slack with my blogging. Managing a house with five dogs (And a baby. Well, two, if you count Brandon) in it takes up a lot of time. Huh, imagine that!?

Second of all, I'm mad at you guys! Yeah, YOU! You dog people who have been holding out on me about microfiber mops and how fantastic they are. See, I used to use Swiffers. But, it seemed like I was always throwing away TONS of these little Swiffer pads. And buying more. Buying and tossing. Buying and tossing. It was costly and not very eco-friendly, so I just stuck with my Libmans Wonder Mop (Which is nice, but not Wonder-ful, as they would have you believe).

Anyway, I picked up one of these Microfiber suckers today and am in love. It picks up hair like a Swiffer, then I can flip it and mop. Then wash! No more tossing! No more buying! I am a changed woman!

But not changed enough to forget I am mad at all of you who did not tell me about it. Seriously ... what were you people thinking!?

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