Thursday, July 31, 2008

Uh, where was I?

So, Marsi posted in the blog thread on BPO today and reminded me that I have TOTALLY been neglecting my blogging duties. Actually, this thought also occured to me around 2am when Kwellen decided she needed to go out to pee. I have no idea why the peeing was so important at 2am as she has been STTN (hee!) since she was a wee pup, but for whatever reason she needed to pee then. And for whatever reason, that reminded me of my blog.

I want to share a funny inside giggle with you guys. Yesterday I changed my siggy on BPO. Since then, I have been laughing quite uncontrollably when I post. The part introducing my kids now reads:

Grain-free feeding, selectively vaxing, crate training mama to Keagan, Kiden, Kwellen, Elli, Dals. And one non-shedding child, Sabine (who doesn't sleep in a crate).

See, on many of the more natural baby sites I frequent, mamas will often list different things they do in their siggys ... BFing (breast feeding), CDing (cloth diapering), AP (attachment parenting, selective vaxing, and co-sleeping are big ones. I have several of these listed in my siggies on those sites as well. It occured to me that the reason I have choosen the "natural" parenting route is because of my dogs. I switched to natural cleaners for the dogs. I feed the dogs pretty natural food (EVO). I started selectively vaxing the dogs and have done the same for Sabine.

Sooooooo ... I decided I needed something similar for BPO. Yes, I am a dork. I realize that something isn't nearly as funny if you have to explain it, but it was SO funny to me I felt I needed to explain it. If that makes any sort of sense.

Now if I could just have little icons for each of the things I listed, I'd be super happy.

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