Thursday, May 22, 2008

What can DE do for me?

Lots, actually!

With summer quickly approaching its time to be thinking about those nasty little blood suckers ... fleas. I talk about DE a lot on several message boards I frequent. "What is DE?" you might ask. DE is Diatomaceous Earth, basically powdery, crushed, fossilized diatom remains (a type of algae). It can be used to kill almost any type of pest, is all natural, and chemical free. DE works because the individual "grains" are very jagged and cut into the exoskelton of bugs, and then dries them out causing them to die. You can rub it directly on your pets, use it in your house and yard, and even feed it to your pets to control worms.

One thing you want to make sure of is that you get "food grade". Other types (such as the kind used in aquariums) will not work for pest control and is dangerous to breathe or injest.

A fellow Nestie blogged recently about some great uses around the house:

BPO Food Guru and all around smartest person I know (Don't tell her I said that. Her head is big enough!), Holly, also posted some great tips for treating your house with DE:,17839.0.html

So, check it out. You can generally find it at garden or farm supply stores. Treat your dogs. Or cats. Or both. And your house. Your yard. Hell, treat your car! It can't hurt.

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