Friday, October 3, 2008

Kwellen's Halloween Story

Our neighbors have a dog who stays tied up outside ... which is another post, for another day. Anyway, this dog sometimes barks in the middle of the night and sometimes that makes our kids bark too, depending on how long the barking lasts.

So, last night I hear neighbor dog barking. Then I hear Kwellen barking. Around midnight. I get up and tell her to shush and go back to bed. Five minutes later, same thing. And again. And again. After about the fifth round of barking I decide it would be easier to just bring her to bed with us to keep her quiet. When I went to go get her, I noticed that she was running into the kitchen and barking, then coming back out to the living room growling, over and over. At this point I decide to check the kitchen and see what's up.

I notice a large, long bulky thing on the floor and (I should mention I have no glasses on at this point) my first thought is, "There's a friggin' SNAKE in my kitchen!" Get my glasses, wake up Brandon frantically to tell him Kwellen is after some evil thing in the kitchen, flip on the lights and its a .........

Rope toy.

Thank you, Kwellen, for saving us from the Evil Rope of Death

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